Rescue – Safety

Since 1961, SIMA has developed a recognised knowledge and know-how in the field of rescue and safety equipment for the marine and off-shore industries. Fishing vessels, service rafts, cargo ships, passenger ships, off-shore installations or wind farms, SIMA will advise you and will suggest the most efficient products according to international regulations

Today, with our certified service station, we distribute and maintain:

  • Professional inflatable jackets
  • SOLAS work vests or emergency inherently buoyant jackets
  • SOLAS and leisure lifesaving rafts
  • Rescue boats
  • Lifesaving suits
  • Buoyant clothes
  • EPIRB, AIS, SART beacon
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Rescue buoys


SIMA is the exclusive provider of the professional range of SECUMAR lifesaving jackets. Constant technical innovation in lifesaving equipment, adjusting to the requirement of each professional client, protecting the individuals from drowning in any weather, such is the engagement of SECUMAR. Illustrating this motto is the development of the new 3D buoyant chamber. It enables a quicker righting movement, protects from drowning and afford better accessibility to the rescue accessories.

SIMA’s engagement is to offer a network of service stations close to you, to train the user, to grant the stocks’ availability and the distribution of spares.